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Garnier B.B Cream Review

I was excited to finally see an affordable and easily accessible bb cream on the market here in the States. This tube was sent to me by BzzAgent.

What it says it does:
Renews radiance
Brightens your complexion
Evens skin tone and blurs imperfections
Hydrated for 24 hrs
Protects against UVA & UVB rays with SPF 15

What I like:
It goes on like a moisturizer
Has a dewy finish
Evens skin tone

What I don't like:
The scent. Smells like Garnier shampoo which I think is too strong for the face
While certain areas of my face did look glowy, it also enhanced my dry areas
Didn't cover blemishes, instead I think it made them more prominent : /
Didn't cover redness
Only two color options, Light to Medium and Medium to Dark
Medium to Dark was a tad to dark for me will work for me in the summer

The only way for this to work for me is if I wore it with a moisturizer underneath and concealer on top, which is what I do with foundation. I was hoping this would be all that wrapped into one product.
I can see this working for those who have great skin and just want a dewy glow. 
 Here you can still see the red blotch on my cheek:

Face shot with BB cream on:

Have you tried Garnier's BB Cream? What are your thoughts?


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