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Review: Ole Henriksen Balance

I was recently sent a trio of face products from Influenster to try, complimentary for testing purposes. They are from the brand Ole Henriksen. While I'm not familiar with the brand I have seen their products in Sephora.
A little background on my skin, I have oily acne prone skin that always seems to react to new products that I try. So when I do receive products, I generally introduce them into my routine very slowly.
While I have not tried the cleanser or the toner, one product that really stood out to me was the moisturizer. I used it at night and when I woke up, my complexion looked glowy and refreshed. The moisturizer boasts these ingredients: green fusion complex, neem seed oil, rosehip fruit extract, & AHAs green fusion, complex.

What I liked:Lightweight
Absorbs quickly
Has a light, refreshing scent
Didn't break me out
Has good ingredients
Woke up to glowy skin in the am

What I didn't like:I still get oily

How I used it:As a nighttime moisturizer

Overall, out of the 3 prod…
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Sally Hansen's Miracle Gel Polish System, Chloe + Isabel Starburst Ring

My natural nails have taken a beating and I've been determined to get them back to a healthy state. Aside from overhauling my diet, I've decided to no longer wear press-ons or get acrylics done. The dilemma I now faced was wearing nail polish. I don't really want to paint my nails every other day but nail polish almost always chips within that time frame.
I decided to look into Sally Hansen's Miracle Gel Nail Polish which promises 14 day of chip-free wear using their nail polish and topcoat. Going into this, I was completely skeptical that I would get 14 days but I definitely hoped it would be longer than 1-2 days.

I first tried the Sally Hansen (no light required) Topcoat with a regular polish. I used Essie's Sand Tropez which never lasted more than two days on me. What I got was 3 days completely chip-free. On the 4th day, minimal chipping began. Nevertheless I was impressed.
It got me thinking, would it work better if I used it in conjunction with the miracle pol…

Perfect Pair! My Favorite Lip Combo and Why!

I love Colorpop's lipstick, especially their Ultra Matte Liquid Lipsticks! I love how they manage to stay put for hours and what I love the most? The price! These liquid lipsticks are only $6!
My absolute favorite shade is Times Square. And I'm not just talking my favorite shade in the Colourpop line. I'm talking my favorite shade of all time!

It's the perfect pinky toned nude with just a hint of brown, making it extremely flattering on my skin tone. However, there's one gripe I have with these lipsticks. They tend to crumble at the corners of my mouth in a white, flaky, highly unattractive, and extremely embarrassing way.
In comes Jouer lip balm. I first received a sample of it wayyy back in my birchbox and fell in love with it until my cat got his hands on it and destroyed it.
I purchased the full sized one and used it under all my Colourpop lippies and voila! No more crusty lips. Now I know what you're thinking..."I can do this with any 'ole lip bal…

I'm Back! Life Update, SAHM, middle school, chloe + isabel etc.

Hey guys! It's been awhile! As a stay at home mom of a 2, sometimes things get busy and these things (YouTube, blogging, etc.) have to take a back seat. My daughter had a bit of a rough start with her transition to middle school.
Can I just take a second to say middle school sucks! I am absolutely a proponent of doing away with it and having more K-8 school options.
Moreover, the public middle schools in my area are completely overcrowded with not enough staff. This, in my opinion, causes a dangerous situation. For this and many other reasons, I decided to send her to out local Catholic private school. I'm hoping this is the right choice for her in her academic career.
Because of this new and unexpected expense, I've been looking for ways to supplement our income. I stumbled upon chloe + isabel. Its jewelry is very reminiscent of Jewelmint jewelry, which I loved! Unfortunately they are now defunct. I signed up to become a chloe + isabel merchandiser. Their jewelry is hypoal…

Picture of the Day: My Mehndi (Henna)

In February, I attended my cousin's wedding in Punjab, India. The whole thing was a wonderful experience. The richness of the fabrics, food, and culture was something I had not been privy to before. The night before the wedding ceremony, a few girls, who are close to the bride, got Mehndi on their hands. The bride of course had more extensive work done. She had it done on her hands, arms, legs, and feet. 
Mehndi is a turmeric paste applied through what looks like a small piping bag. The artist works fast and skillfully. The paste begins to harden and flake off leaving a temporary "tattoo" of the design. The longer you leave the paste on the darker the design will be. 
My Mehndi lasted for a good week before it started to fade away. I have to admit I was sad to see it go. 

Review: Paula's Choice Resist Youth-Extending Daily Mattifying Fluid

I've been on the hunt for a good moisturizer. As a person with acne-prone, oily skin, moisturization and SPF was not one of my top concerns. However one of the main products I use to combat stubborn breakouts is benzoyl peroxide and that can be extremely drying. On my quest, I knew my moisturizer had to meet the following criteria: 
1. Won't Break Me Out 2. Be Lightweight 3. Have SPF.
What It Is:
Paula's Choice Resist Youth-Extending Daily Mattifying Fluid with Broad Spectrum SPF 50 for Normal, Oily, and Combination Skin.
What It Claims:
+ Prevents visible signs of aging + Minimizes the appearance of pores + Promotes visibly firmer skin 

Ingredients: (from the website) Key Ingredients: green tea, goji fruit extract, octocrylene, matricaria flower extract, grape seed extract, dill extract, octinoxate, glycerin, black elderberry, hydrogenated lecithin, tocopherol, avobenzone, octisalate, oat bran extract, pomegranate extract
Product Ingredients: Active Ingredients: Oct…

Haul: Paula's Choice, Loreal, Maybelline, Target & Piercing?!

Hey guys! Ive purchased some new items lately and thought I'd share! If you'd like a more in-depth review, just leave me a comment.
Here's the video in case you'd rather watch these products in action. If not, keep reading :)

The first item is Paula's Choice Resist Anti-Aging Clear Skin Hydrator. In an effort to revamp my skincare and be more conscious of ingredients, I gravitated to her products and their transparency over what's in their products and its purpose.

So far, what I like about this lotion is its light consistency. Ive been using it as a nighttime moisturizer since I don't wear SPF (bad habit I know). Next, is a foundation which seemed like it was made just for me! This foundation is geared towards those who have oily skin and large pores. has the biggest shade selection I've seen. Actual drugstore selections are pretty limited. I chose the shade 310 Sun Beige and I feel like its a tad bit too light. This foundation also caus…